The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. According to preliminary figures, its roughly 290,000 associates generated sales of 48.9 billion euros in 2014. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 50 coun-tries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth.

Video Systems Video Systems

Bosch Security engineers high-quality products to meet requirements for modern surveillance systems. Bosch Video Systems provides a wide range of the most advanced Video Servers, Analog and IP-Cameras. Video Management System and IVA(intelligent video analysis) provide scalable and versatile solutions for today’s requests.


  • IP-Cameras
    Bosch IP cameras use sophisticated sensors, lenses and processing circuitry to reproduce what your eye sees.
    • AUTODOME IP series
      High-resolution, PTZ camera with high-performance optical zoom lens for capturing fine details in scenes with limited or non-uniform illumination
    • MIC IP series
      Exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor, industrial, or commercial surveillance application
    • DINION IP series
      Genuine 24/7 solution Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
    • TINYON IP series
      Compact and stylish design and excellent quality
    • FLEXIDOME IP series
      Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
    • FLEXIDOME IP panoramic
      reliable cameras with Simultaneous panoramic overview and detailed object monitoring
  • Analog cameras
    Bosch Analog Cameras are good for standard and high resolution applications, day and night, all using our superior imaging technology.
    • AUTODOME AN series
      Progressive scan provides smooth and clear images when viewing details in a moving image, support automated motion tracking.
    • MIC AN series
      Was made for use in harsh environment. Robust design rated to an industry-leading IP68
    • DINION AN series
      Advanced Image Processing Technology. Reliable 24/7 day and night surveillance
    • TINYON AN series
      Ultra high resolution sensor, Easy installation, Digital noise reduction
    • FLEXIDOME AN series
      High resolution sensor, True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Enhanced Digital Noise Reduction (3DNR)
  • Encoders and Decoders
    Series of high-performance video encoders and decoders are designed to meet the increased demand for hybrid analog/IP systems.
    • VIDEOJET series
      single and multi channel video encoders decoders and transcoders
    • VIP X series
      single channel video encoders
  • Recording
    Comprehensive range of recording solutions cover small businesses with a single camera to enterprise networks operating several hundred cameras.
    • DVR 670 Series
      is a fully integrated, stand-alone video management solution that's ready to go, straight out of the box.
    • DIVAR AN Series
      is a family of digital recorders that use the latest highresolution video technology and state-of-the-art compression techniques. These advanced technologies, coupled with efficient network data transmission, deliver the high security and reliability required for modern surveillance systems.
    • DIVAR IP Series
      is an affordable, simple and reliable all-in-one recording, viewing and management solution for network surveillance systems.
    • DSA E-Series
      DSA E‑Series represents the next generation of iSCSI digital video disk arrays by Bosch. They are state-ofthe-art platforms designed for the security industries most demanding digital video storage applications to manage relentlessly growing digital video data.
  • Workstations and Servers
    Series of workstations and servers are designed to meet the needs of the security industry’s most demanding digital video management applications. Highest-performance workstation with Intel’s next-generation microarchitecture.
    • ProDesk 600 G1
      Business performance mini desktop PC in a VESA mount form factor with Intel’s latest generation microarchitecture
    • Z440 NG Management Workstation
      High-performance workstation with Intel’s next-generation microarchitecture
    • Z440 EE Management Workstation
      Four-monitor support (AMD FirePro W7100, 8 GB graphics card) Silent running with HP low acoustics chassis
    • Z240 PE Management Workstation
      High-end workstation with latest generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor
    • DL380 Gen9 Management Server
      High performance with one six-core Intel Xeon Processor
  • Monitors
    Bosch high resolution and high definition monitors provide exceptional image quality and innovative features designed for professional video installations.
    • UML Series High-performance LCD & LED Flat Panel Monitors
      Precise color reproduction. Easy to use controls with remote and on-screen menu display
  • Switching Systems and Keyboards
    Systems and accessories enable display of video from any connected camera at the operator's monitor and can scale to support upwards of 6,000 cameras.
    • LTC Series Allegiant Matrix/Control Systems
      Expandable to larger matrix sizes.Modular construction. Powerful alarm handling capabilities
    • IntuiKey Series Keyboards
      Control matrix, DVR, and IP video products with one keyboard
    • KBD-Universal XF
      USB keyboard for managing Bosch Video Management System with Video Engine, or DIVAR IP systems
  • Video Software
    Versatile and powerful Video Management solutions manage your entire surveillance infrastructure.
    • Bosch Video Management System
      Maximum resilience to ensure continuous operation.
      Up to 2000 cameras with a single recording server mean high savings.
    • Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)
      Adds metadata for forensic search to recordings.
      Broad range of detecting tasks and object filters available.

Intrusion Alarm Systems Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems addresses the challenges you face every day. Intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions that compensate for VoIP provide you the tools to create high-quality, reliable solutions for your customers.


Alarm systems work around the clock checking for open windows and doors, activating lights, and performing other services to keep your facility secure. It provides safeguards against burglars, vandalism, etc.These systems also integrate with Bosch IP cameras, allowing video motion detection to activate points on the panel, and panel events to trigger camera actions, including sending video snapshots via e-mail. This provides an easy path toward video alarm verification.


  • Control Panels and Keypads
    Integrated security solutions for small applications to large, high security projects.
    Fully integrated intrusion, fire, and access control allows users to interface with one system instead of three.
    • 7000 Line series
      The DS7000 Series Addressable Control Panels can be programmed for up to eight areas, are keypad or remotely programmable, and have a wide range of features
    • Easy Series
      Compact and easy-to-install and manage security system.
    • AMAX Series
      This panel is designed for residential and small to medium-sized businesses. Flexible and scalable security solution.
    • MAP series
      Provides an intuitive control center touch screen user interface in multiple languages Supports up to 8 LSN Gateways, with up to 127 devices each Supports up to 500 areas, 1500 addresses, and 996 users.
  • Detectors
    Detector range covers multiple applications and deliver excellent catch performance together with false alarm immunity.
    • Motion sensors
      Wall to Wall coverage – Superior catch performance
    • Request-to-Exit sensors
      Single or double door use Wall or ceiling mountable Internal vertical pointability
    • Seismic sensors
      Sensitivity settings using DIP switches SENSTEC® sensor and signal processing system based on microcontrollers
    • Glass Break sensors
      Microprocessor-based sound analysis technology (SAT) Automatic environmental test circuitry
    • Photoelectric Beam sensors
      Environmental discrimination circuit Beam power control to reduce cross-talk
  • Arming devices
    Products for the mechanical locking of doors and the arming / disarming of the intruder alarm system via a reader.
    • SE GLT SmartKey serie
      The arming device is programmable via the control panel Suitable for various types of doors High security through “Challenge & Response” procedure.
    • SE LSNi SmartKey series
      SmartKey arming device is a system solution for arming/disarming intrusion systems.Suitable for various types of doors High security through “Challenge & Response” procedure.
  • Conettix Communications
    Conettix products give you reliable data transmission over a wide range of transmission paths and formats.
    • Conettix D6000 series Communications Receiver/Gateway
      The D6000 series has a compact, economical design that is well-suited for applications such as small central stations, gated communities, security offices, or university campuses.

Access Control Systems Access Control Systems

Bosch Access Control Systems are the scalable solutions which will allow you adapt to your changing system needs:
  • Integration of a broad range of access and security functions like video and alarm verification and intrusion monitoring and elevator management. System management from multiple workstations or clients with different user profiles.
  • Compatible with standard readers and card formats.
  • Possibility to integrate credentials of different formats and technologies to permit new and legacy equipment to coexist, which enables a gradual, budget-friendly migration from one reader technology to another.


  • Access Modular Controller
    The solution is unbeatable in terms of size, low weight, extensive high-end functionality and attractive design
    • AMC2 - Access Modular Controller
      Intelligent access manager for one to eight entrances Standard 2 GB compact flash LCD display.
  • Access Professional Edition
    Easy-to-use, access control scalable software for small to medium-sized enterprises with high security requirements.
    • Access Professional Edition
      provides self contained access control for small and medium-sized companies. Its installation is extremely simple and fast. There is no need to install and administer a database system. The system is easy to use and enables a person with minimal training to create badges and administer access rights in a very short time
  • Building Integration System
    The solution combines different building management functions on one platform as well as the ability to provide simple responses for difficult questions.
    • The Building Integration System (BIS)
      BIS is a flexible, scalable security and safety management system that can be configured to handle an enormous spectrum of operational scenarios. It contains a huge range of applications and features which enable both the integration and coupling as well as the monitoring and control of all technical building systems.
  • Access Easy Control System
    The solution integrates a host of security features such as CCTV integration, video verification and intrusion monitoring without sacrificing simplicity and intuitive control.
    • Access Easy Controller
      Access Easy Controller is a new generation IP web based access controller which combines the unique features of an embedded web server, CCTV integration and a security system in one complete unit.
  • Security Escort
    Wireless help-call system solution locates and tracks people or objects for different applications and environments.
    • Hardware and software system of indoor tracking.
  • Readers and Cards
    Broad range of different interfaces offers solutions for all kinds of applications and environments.
    • MIFARE readers series
      For use with MIFARE classic cards and key-fobs.
    • iCLASS readers series
      Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Supports multiple technologies (standard iCLASS, MIFARE®, and MIFARE DESFire® EV1).
    • Biometric readers
      Weatherproof and waterproof design Indoor and outdoor use.
    • LEGIC & HITAG readers
      Compact design, front cover, rear wall and housing for surface mounting are made from plastic.


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