Delta Group – a global leader in power electronics Delta Electronics Inc was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Delta is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans.
Delta’s corporate culture is based on the following values: innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, teamwork and agility.
In accordance with our mission, we carry our responsibility with respect to climate change. Sustainability is a guiding principle in our products and operations.

UPS Solutions UPS Solutions

With its wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Delta offers a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions. Delta UPSs are designed to ensure that companies can protect their mission critical applications by maintaining a steady flow of energy under adverse circumstances. An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical apparatus designed to furnish emergency power even when other sources of input power fail, and they are indispensable tools within a huge number of unrelated industries. These devices differ from a standby generator or an auxiliary or emergency power system in that in the event of a disruption to input power, a UPS will provide near-instantaneous protection for mission critical applications in the form of energy stored in batteries.


The high cost of electricity is not a factor that businesses can afford to ignore when considering their overhead. Every company, no matter how large or how small, must monitor its power use in order to avoid consuming too much. Delta UPSs are known for efficiency and for saving not just energy, but money that would be wasted by less advanced devices that require too much power.


The growth of a business should never be at risk of limitation or delay due to avoidable technical restrictions of existing power hardware. To help companies prepare for increasing success, Delta engineers flexible, scalable systems that are built to be easy to expand as needed, to accommodate greater demands for power protection.


  • Agilon VX Series (≤ 1.5kVA), Line Interactive UPS for small applications
  • Amplon Series Gaia 1/2/3kVA, OnLine UPS for mounting in Rack19"
  • Amplon N-Series 1/2/3kVA, OnLine UPS Tower model
  • Amplon M-Series 3kVA, Line Interactive UPS for mounting in Rack19"
  • Amplon R-Series 1/2/3kVA, OnLine UPS for mounting in Rack19" with lonrg backup time
  • Amplon RT-Series 1/2/3kVA, OnLine UPS for mounting in Rack19"
  • Amplon RT-Series 5/6/10kVA, OnLine UPS for mounting to Rack19"
  • Amplon N-Series 6/12kVA, OnLine UPS Tower model
  • Ultron EH-Series 10/15/20kVA, Standalong OnLine UPS
  • Ultron HPH-Series 20-500kW Standalong, OnLine UPS
  • Ultron NT-Series 20-500kVA, Standalong OnLine UPS
  • Ultron DPS-Series 160-500kVA, Standalong OnLine UPS
  • Modulon NH-Series 20-120kVA, Standalong OnLine UPS for Datacenters
  • Modulon DPH-Series 25-200kW, Standalong OnLine UPS for datacenters

Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions

Real-time access to secure and reliable data is crucial in today’s competitive global business environment. Delta has developed a new generation of tier 3 data center solutions or above that allow companies to achieve this essential goal of high level of data center reliability. Our data center design provides IT managers with the exact tools and capabilities they need in order to effectively organize the various servers within a company.


Delta's InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions are grouped into four main modules which optimize our customers’ ability to maximize operating efficiency at the lowest cost, maintain a high level of flexibility and control for IT managers, quickly scale to meet demand, and monitor data center solutions 24/7/365 from anywhere around the world. These modules are as follows: Power Management, Rack and Accessories, precision cooling and Environmental Management System. The interlocking nature of the modules allows companies to implement fully integrated system architecture.


  • Modular UPS - DPH Series
  • Power Distribution Cabinet
  • Rack-Mount Power Distribution Cabinet
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Static Transfer Switch
  • Green Datacenter
  • Modular Datacenter
  • Containerized Datacenter
  • High Power Density
  • Cloud Datacenter
  • High Reliability
  • TCO Optimization
  • High C/P value Datacenter

PQC Series PQC Series

Advanced power electronics equipment applications can improve our work efficiency and make life easier, but at the same time they can pollute the power grid. Rectifiers play a large part in many applications that are growing faster than power grid construction. Voltage and current harmonics, reactive power fluctuation, three phase imbalance, and other issues are caused by rectifiers with power quality issues that threaten the reliability and efficiency of the power supply system. Similarly, power voltage amplitude and frequency issues are affected by power generation.


We need to eliminate grid harmonics, reactive power fluctuations, imbalance, and other issues to adapt to new electronic equipment and power quality problems.


Special Features of Delta Power, Quality Solution:
  • High Adaptability
  • Simple and Flexible Application
  • Excellent Compensation Capability
  • High Reliability


  • Active Harmonic (Power) Filter
  • Static Var Generator (SVG)

Telecom Power Solutions Telecom Power Solutions

Telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. Delta’s power systems are designed for wireless broadband access and fixed-line applications, as well as for Internet backbone and data centres. We provide a broad range of power systems and global services to telecom operators, network manufacturers and integrators.


The essential parts of a system are rectifiers, batteries and a power system controller. In direct current (DC) power systems, a rectifier converts alternating current (AC) to DC and provides the power necessary to charge batteries. In AC power systems, an inverter converts DC into uninterruptible AC. A power system controller monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, maximizes battery life, supports energy and cost savings, and informs the operator of maintenance needs. The power system can be expanded with renewable energy sources, which creates major energy and operating cost savings. In regions with highly unstable AC mains conditions, additional AC line conditioning elements can be integrated into the system for optimal operation.


Delta’s InD, OutD and HelpD series are designed to complement each other. InD stands for indoor power systems, while OutD solutions are designed for demanding outdoor use. HelpD is our global service concept. Our CellD and CabD series are designed to fulfil all your power requirements.


  • CellD 40 Delta’s Indoor Power Systems
  • CellD 100 Delta’s Indoor Power Systems
  • CellD 125 Delta’s Indoor Power Systems
  • CellD 300 Delta’s Indoor Power Systems
  • CellD 600 Delta’s Indoor Power Systems
  • CellD CPS 1500B
  • CellD System Casing
  • CabD 600 CabD, Delta’s robust indoor cabinet developed for telecom power systems.
  • CabD 3000 , Delta’s robust indoor cabinet developed for expandable telecom power systems.
  • ESAA150-CTA Series
  • ESBB3000-HAA Series power system consisting of compact shelf enclosures, rectifier modules and related power distribution units
  • ESFA4000-HTA Series power system consisting of compact shelf enclosures, rectifier modules and related power distribution units
  • Renewable Hybrid
  • Outdoor Power Systems
  • Rectifiers
  • Delta DC Converters
  • Delta Chargers
  • Delta Inverters
  • Delta Controllers

Connectivity Connectivity

Delta’s power management software family, including InsightPower Manager, InsightPower Client, UPSentry, and Shutdown Agent, empowers users with the highest levels of oversight and control over UPS systems. Our software is engineered to provide our clients with easy-to-use tools to manage, analyze, configure, remotely monitor, and even shut down UPS systems, so that they may remain connected off-site and protect the data and equipment from anywhere, even under adverse circumstances. When operating technologically advanced equipment, regular monitoring and attention to detail is of the essence. Complex hardware and its power requirements must be monitored in order to ensure that the conditions required for their optimal functioning are met. Delta’s suite of power management software enables users to achieve this and more, putting all the power necessary to deploy our UPS systems to their full potential, into the hands of our clients.


The best power management software facilitates seamless communication between an operating system (either on- or off-site) and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Delta’s software family is conveniently accessible through a web browser and can assist users in the ongoing protections of UPS units against a variety of events that could disrupt their functioning. Under some circumstances, it may be necessary for users to check on or interact with UPS units immediately while unable to access a computer. Delta’s InsightPower Manager and InsightPower Client can communicate with users through email or SMS, noticing emergency and abnormal alarm to avoid disaster. The ability to log in and track the UPS from off-site is a truly modern solution of unparalleled efficiency. Remote login permits users to monitor or shut down multiple UPS systems at once. By enabling businesses to remotely maintain full control of their UPS systems, Delta’s intuitive, easy-to-use Delta allows businesses to keep the flow of power stable and reliable under all circumstances.


  • InfraSuite Manager (DCIM)
  • EnviroStation
  • EnviroProbe

Precision Cooling Precision Cooling

In order to offer the best possible space utilization, and to accommodate the potentially rapid expansion of new IT equipment, modern data centers have implemented a high-density model, based primarily on blade server technology. This model requires a higher power supply density, and can thereby create more significant problems with heat dissipation. In order to address these issues, round-the-clock air conditioning is sometimes deployed as a cooling system solution. However, the expense of using this method for data center cooling can end up accounting for up to 45% of the total electricity expenses incurred by the data center. With this in mind, heat dissipation and electricity expenses are important indices against which operational expenditures of the data center can be measured.


As a leading global manufacturer of fans and a specialist in power management, Delta Electronics was perfectly positioned to develop Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions in order to provide practical, optimized, innovative methods for data center cooling. Delta’s precision cooling enthalpy laboratory carefully verifies cooling system performance and reliability during the engineering development and design process to ensure high product performance.


Specialized forms of air conditioning and temperature control have been developed to cater to the unique cooling system needs of contemporary data centers. Traditional precision air conditioning is not appropriate in many cases as a data center cooling system. This type of air conditioning cannot provide adequate heat removal for data centers due to the problems of uneven heat distribution, load variations experienced during peak and off-peak periods, and high power density. An optimal data center cooling system must accommodate for each of these factors. Instead of traditional precision air conditioning methods, Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions employ either chilled water or refrigerant types to remove the heat produced by the hardware within the data center.


Cooling units can be installed in a modular rack design, which enables quick configuration and is readily expandable by load. Data center cooling by water is safe for the equipment it protects due in part to built-in leakage detectors, which can display leaks and offer alerts in a timely manner. With manual dehumidification capacity, Delta’s data center cooling system offers a rapid and precise means of adjusting the level of moisture within the air, and keeping humidity levels within the ideal range required by the data center equipment.


  • RowCool 29/43 kW, Chilled Water
  • RowCool 70/95 kW, Chilled Water
  • RowCool 35kW, Air-Cooled


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