Focused on innovation and customer-centricity, Zyxel Communications Corp. has been connecting people to the internet for nearly 30 years. We keep promoting creativity which meets the needs of customers. This spirit has never been changed since we developed the world's first integrated 3-in-1 data/fax/voice modem in 1992. Our ability to adapt and innovate with networking technology places us at the forefront of understanding connectivity for telco/service providers, businesses and home users.
We're building the networks of tomorrow, helping unlock the world's potential and meeting the needs of the modern workplace; powering people at work, life and play. We stand side-by-side with our customers and partners to share new approaches to networking that will unleash their abilities. Loyal friend, powerful ally, reliable resource — we are Zyxel, Your Networking Ally.

Home Home

Mobile gadgets like notebooks, tablets and smart phones continue to reach people's homes as everybody in a family has a few mobile gadgets on hand. With the vast amount of gadgets throughout homes, it requires decent networking equipment to deliver fast Internet access and excellent network media experience. At Zyxel, we deliver the elements for home networks; not only home networking equipment are provided, home cloud storage is also provided for mobile devices that allow families to access their home data wherever they go. Start your smart digital lifestyle with Zyxel!


  • Routers
    Internet connection with fast wired and wireless connectivity
    • ARMOR Z2
    • ARMOR Z1
    • NBG6617
    • NBG6815
    • NBG6616
    • NBG6515
    • NBG-418N v2
    • NBG2105
  • Wireless Extenders
    Reliable wireless connectivity by boosting wireless signals further
    • WRE6606
    • WRE6505 v2
    • WAP3205 v3
    • ARMOR X1
    • WRE6505
    • WRE2206
    • WRE2205 v2
    • WAP3205 v2
    • NWD6605
    • NWD6505
    • NWD2205
    • ANT107
  • Home Powerline and Adapters
    Turn outlet or coax into a wired-like network
    • PLA5206 v2
    • PLA5456
    • PLA5256
    • PLA5215
    • PLA4215
    • PLA4211
    • PLA4111
    • PLA5405
    • PLA5206
    • PLA5205
    • PLA4205
    • PLA4201 v1
    • PLA4231
    • HLA3105
    • NWD2205
  • Switches
    High-performance and fast wired networking
    • GS-108B v3
    • GS-105B v3
    • GS-108S v2
    • GS-105S v2
    • ES-108A v3
    • ES-105A v3
    • ES-108E
    • ES-105E
  • Personal Cloud Storage
    Expanded cloud storage for all networked devices
    • NAS-540
    • NAS-520
    • NAS-326

Business Business

With the vision to help the world connect, Zyxel presents comprehensive businesses networking solutions for switches, wireless LANs, security appliances and gateways. The robust, reliable networking equipment from Zyxel-one of the few companies that possess all key technologies for all business networking product lines- enables network administrators to fully integrate switches, wireless APs and gateways in an innovative way. A uniform One Network experience across the LAN, WLAN to Gateway.


  • Security Appliances and Services
    Protection that ensures service continuity, best CP performance and improves network control
    • Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway
      • USG1900/1100
      • USG60W/60/40W/40
      • USG310/210/110
    • VPN Firewall
      • USG20-VPN/USG20W-VPN
      • ZyWALL1100/310/110
    • Cloud Managed Security Gateway
      • NSG100
    • Software Subscriptions
  • Switches
    Protection that ensures service continuity, best CP performance and improves network control
    • Managed
      • XGS-4528F/XGF-4526
      • XGS3700/GS3700
      • XS3700
      • XS3900
      • XGS2210/GS2210
      • ES3500
      • NSW200-28P
      • NSW100-28P
    • Smart Managed
      • GS-1920
      • XS1920
      • GS1900
    • Unmanaged
      • GS1100
      • ES1100
    • Rugged
      • RGS200
      • RGS100
    • Accessory
  • WLAN APs and Controllers
    Stable solution when SB/SMBs decide to deploy mobile connectivity.
    • Access Point
      • WAC6500
      • WAC6100
      • NWA5120
      • NWA5301_NJ
      • NWA1123-ACv2
      • NWA1123-AC
      • NWA1100-NH
      • NAP303
      • NAP203
      • NAP102
      • NAP353
    • Controller
      • NXC-5500
      • NXC-2500
      • UAG5100
      • UAG4100
    • Software
    • Accessory
  • Commercial Gateways
    Solutions that enhance network security while providing sophisticated services.
    • UAG2100
    • UAG4100
    • UAG5100
    • UAG50
    • SBG3300-N
    • SBG3500-N
    • SBG3600-N
  • Nebula Cloud Networking
    Cloud Network Management Solution.
    • Access Point
      • NAP102
      • NAP203
      • NAP303
      • NAP353
    • Switch
      • NSW100-28P
      • NSW200-28P
      • UAG5100
      • UAG4100
    • Gateway
      • NSG100
  • Network Management
    Solution helps business to plan and manage across LAN and Wireless LAN networks
    • CNC
    • ZON Utility
    • ENC

Service Provider Service Provider

For more than 20 years Zyxel has remained one of the world's leading suppliers of networking products for various deployment requirements. It's the first choice of many tier-one service providers, connecting more than 400,000 small- and medium-sized businesses, and upwards of 100 million end users around the globe. Our service provider products are designed by a team of engineers with strong understanding of your business needs coupled with technical innovation. Zyxel products enables organisations like yours to be more productive, efficient and a high level of customer satisfaction. Zyxel strives to be the first choice for service providers through technical innovation and great customer service delivered locally by people who understand your business needs.


  • DSL CPEs
    Interoperable and versatile DSL customer premises equipment supporting ADSL, VDSL2, and G.vector technology
    • P-791R v3
    • P-792H v3
    • P-793H v3
    • AMG1302-T11C
    • VMG3925-B10B
    • SBG3600-N
    • VMG3926-B
    • VMG8924-B
    • SBG3500-N
    • AMG1001-T10A/ AMG1011-T10A
    • VMG5313-B
    • VMG4325-B10A
    • VMG4380-B10A
    • P-660 HN-51
    • SBG3300-N
    • VMG8324-B10A
    • VMG1312-B
    • VSG1435-B101
    • VSG1432-B101
    • P-871M
    • P-663 HN-51
    • P-660 HN-F1A
  • LTE and 3G CPEs
    Provides wireless ultra-fast broadband connectivity
    • LTE4506-M606
    • LTE7400
    • WAH7706
    • LTE3300
    • 3G Routers
    • 3G USB Modems
  • MSANs / DSLAMs
    Connects CPEs to the central offices of service providers for Triple-play services
    • IES-5106
    • IES-5112
    • VES-1724-55C
    • IES4005
    • VES-1724-56B2
    • VES-1724-56
    • IES-1248-5x/ IES-1248-5xA
    • VES-1616FE-55A
    • VES-1616FT-54A/ VES-1624FT-54A
    • IES-1248-51V
    • VES-1608FE-57
    • IES-612-51
    • IES-6000
    • IES-1000
  • Fiber Access
    Solution provides versatile fiber connectivity for service providers
    • PMG5318-B20B
    • PMG1005-T20A
    • OLT2406
    • PMG1006-B
    • PMG5318-B20A
  • WiMAX
    Mobile WiMAX provides high-speed mobile access with wide coverage
    • MAX318M
    • MAX308M
    • MAX208M2W
    • MAX208M
    • MAX218M2W
  • Carrier and Access Switches
    Provides network access that is always available and manageable
    • MGS3700-12C
    • MGS3520
    • MGS-3712/MES-3728
    • XGS3600
    • XGS4700
    • MES3500
    • MGS-3712F
  • Network Extenders
    Provides class-leading triple-play services with high performance and reliability.
    • PLA4172
    • PLA4275
    • PLA4171
  • Ethernet Gateways
    Enables network services through subscribers' existing cabling systems
    • EMG3425-Q10A
    • EMG2906-Q10A
    • EMG1302-R10A
    • EMG2306-R10A
    • P-2701RL
    • P-2701R


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